10 Pound Sterling every month

Please neglect any Freebies4Webmasters registration links if you wish to register for a publisher account as they will not accept any new applicants anymore. You can read the announcement here explaining their reasons that lead to the decisions for denying any new registrations and closing some existing user accounts.

Dear Webmaster,

Due to prevailing conditions for our advertisers, it has been decided we can no longer accept new applications to Freebies4webmasters, and that some existing accounts will be closed.

Some or all of your domains accepted in your publisher account may be removed in the following days due to our advertiser requirements.

Please note that all removed domains that were due payment up to the 1st of October have already been paid.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in your participation of Freebies4Webmasters and give our best wishes to the further success of your website. Publishers who will remain in our network will continue to be paid as normal.

Best Regards,
Freebies4Webmasters Team

For the webmasters out there, how would you like to be paid 10GBP ( 17.8950 USD ) to your PayPal account every month. No, you don’t fill up surveys, uploading videos or photos, being in a community site or any type of work from home or none of that stuff. Just a little effort and very little knowledge in HTML is sufficient enough. You have a website do you?. Of course you have. What kind of a question is that. 😕

All you need to do is paste or embed a line of HTML or server side codes in your page layout and wait for the money at the end of the month. That’s it.

There is one program will let you do just that. Help them put the Ad codes in your site and they will pay you for letting them link that codes in your site. It’s not like any other advertising program that needed visitors to initiate some sort of actions like clicking or interacting with Ad column to enable sale transactions so you get paid. This program is nothing like that. Like I said before just paste their Ad codes and wait. It’s even get better if you have more blog or website domain. For an instance, codes enable for one website entitle you to be paid 10GBP and what if you have 10 websites or blogs. Do the the simple math – 10GBP x 10 Domains=100GBP monthly. How cool is that.

Ok, cut the chatter. The program called Freebies 4 Webmasters. For those who have heard of it, congratulations for joining up. Now go buy something nice for yourself with the money they pay you. For those who doesn’t. well, please join up and you won’t regret it. I can promise you that.


How does it works. Register your website with them. Let Freebies 4 Webmasters validate and decides if they choose to accept your website in their network. Once they done that they will inform you by email and attach the Ad codes. Read the instructions how to embed the codes and where to place it. Don’t touch it or modify it. Leave it there and blog or do whatever you do with your site. From the point you registered with them and 30 days after. You will get paid.

Skeptical, eh.  😕 . I have attached the proof of payment below. See the payment transaction why don’t you.


So?. If you’re interested use the link below to start earning.

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