PE6502 Hobby Computer

If you’ve ever wanted to own (and build!) an Apple 1 style computer, now is your chance!
This 6502-based single board computer started out as a clean sheet of paper, but heavily influenced by the original
Apple 1, by Ben Heck’s Apple 1 laptop, and of course the AWESOME Briel Computer’s Replica 1. This machine will run
all the software those machines will run, but, here’s where it is different: It has both Applesoft Lite AND Integer
BASIC built-in! Plus, we added a hardware handshake to the serial port, so that fast seriel communications are possible
out of the box. There’s also a built-in reset circuit, inspired by the Commodore 64, so that on power on, the computer
is ready to go (no manual reset needed,) although CPU and terminal emulator reset buttons are provided!

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