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I heard about Web 2.0 but Desktop 2.0?. As I know Web 2.0 is about new web technology. Same idea but its on a computer desktop. A kind of software that lets us see a our Windows Desktop in whole new way by scrolling it in a circular motion.

360 Desktop is the name and can give users virtually unlimited amount of desktop space. With 360 Desktop, you will have an instant 50 inch wide screen monitor, virtual monitor I mean.

The software is still in Beta testing so no official download available yet. User who wanted to download it have to sign up to become a Beta tester. You can sign up here. Currently the software only work with Windows XP and Vista. 

360 Desktop

You can open programs and windows and then spin to the “other side” of your desktop to have more space. You can further customize your desktop with web apps, widgets, RSS feeds, AJAX start pages, and any part of any web page. Even better, the web content placed on your 360Desktop can be viewed independently from your web browser.

What is 360 Desktop?

360desktop extends your Windows desktop as a user generated, photo-panoramic space and delivers a personalized web, free of the browser, into a virtually unlimited desktop.

Grab all of your favorite web applications and content – web widgets, RSS feeds or any part of any web pages – and make them available any time in an expanded photo-panoramic desktop.

Watch 360 Desktop in action


Choose from any number of cool 360’s and spin your desktop for almost unlimited desktop space.

Personalize your desktop with stunning panoramas and photo-montage 360-degree backgrounds. Then stick on web widgets or any part of any page to create a desktop that suits your needs.

Import images from Flickr, Myspace – anywhere – and easily create 360-degree panoramic desktop backgrounds. Then embed any content for multimedia 360 mash ups.

Share any 360desktop that you create with your friends and family via email or any social space.


6 thoughts on “360 Desktop

  1. Sign up for the Beta test. If they select you to be a Beta tester then you can have the software. I already applied and haven’t receive any reply yet.

  2. I applied last year and still haven’t received any reply. Maybe they need some kind of special requirements from any tester in order to qualify. I don’t know, they didn’t say anything about that.

  3. Cube Desktop kinda cool almost feel and look the same as 360Desktop. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing that info.
    Does WINAMP crashes when used with Cube Desktop installed?.

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