Align center codes in WordPress sidebar.

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This is my first tutorial for the newbies to WordPress blogger and share my knowledge and experience.

A simple ‘div‘ or ‘center‘ tag is use to center align javascript, html or flash embed codes in sidebar.


<div align=”center”><YOUR CODES HERE></div> or <center><YOUR CODES HERE></center>

Other html tag can be use to perform similar functions but using paragraph tag to align text in sidebar widget.


<p align=”center”><YOUR PLAIN TEXT HERE></p>

Nothing fancy really easy trick.

For those who are new to WordPress, I’ll show how to paste your codes to your sidebar.

1. Log in to your WordPress admin area.

2. Click on ‘Presentation’.

3. Choose ‘Widgets’ and you will see Sidebar Arrangement area.

4. (if widget not placed inside sidebar column) Drag and drop the ‘Text #’ widget under Available Widget to your sidebar column.

5. Next configure the widget. See picture 5.


Picture 5

6. Add or paste your codes. See picture 6.


Picture 6

7. Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ button and preview your sidebar widget.

*You can see the difference from sample pictures shown below:

Not centered

(no ‘div’ tag)


(with ‘div’ tag)