Apple iPod Touch rival is cooler and runs on Android

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Apple’s $299 iPod Touch is now being challenged by a four-inch, Android-based device called MG.

Developed by PlayMG (which stands for “Play More Games”), MG can be best described as a high-end Android phone — without the phone, of course.

Unlike other Android devices, MG was built primarily for gaming. Parental controls are provided (for those who wish to employ them), but the entire Google Play store can be accessed.

In a comparison test, Tower Defense (which is pre-loaded on the device) played equally as well on MG as it did on the HTC myTouch 4G but crashed less often. Better still, MG proved to have better color saturation than Samsung’s Galaxy Note II.

The whites were whiter and the blacks were blacker. Even yellow text appeared to be more true-to-life on MG than it did on the Note II.



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