At long last..Gambit making an appearance


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Gambit Missing from all the previous X-MEN movies, my all time favorite character the GAMBIT a.k.a Remy La Beau finally will be included in the upcoming X-MEN  ORIGINS : WOLVERINE  movie.  Now,  I have the reason to want to watch the X-MEN movie…again.

I get to watch the first one only and decided not to watch the sequels the X2 and X3. When GAMBIT not in the story I don’t feel like I want to watch it. Drop everything and watch something else instead.

And then left me wondering, how director Gavin Hood is going to portray this character, how he will be adapted into this live-action film?  and what kind of back story he’s going to get.


Remy La Beau

The role will be played by Taylor Kitsch on “Friday Night Lights” and starred in “The Covenant” as the card throwing Cajun.

In the movie preview (after the jump), you’ll get to see GAMBIT in action and shown a preview how the character will actually be presented in the movie.

The Red Eyes

The famous Cajun -Black & Red eyes

You’ll noticed all the character trait that makes him the “Ragin’ Cajun” like trench coat, quarterstaff, throws cards, glowing effect &  sound effect on charged weapons  and trademark red and black eyes.

At long last..Gambit making an appearance 1

Click image or link to preview trailer

It got me concerned, the promotional trailer only shown action scenes but no part where GAMBIT character is actually talking.

At long last..Gambit making an appearance 2

Click image or link to preview trailer

Can the actor pulls this off and bring out GAMBIT most important character trait :  slick dialogue and awesome Cajun accent. If the actor can’t play out the role well, he’ll end up screw things up.

Well, that all will be revealed when the movie due out on 1st May 2009.

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  1. Not to be sour, but I expected too much from this film about how they are going to portray my favorite X-men, I think they murdered the character in all aspects. The style, look, attitude, the awesomeness fell below my standards in comparison to Logan. And I think they that is THE ONLY character they got it perfect.

  2. Before, I too, get all excited when Gambit making his first appearance in the movie. As you know Hollywood are known for their hack jobs on storyline and making a mess of everything…