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AviraComputer viruses always been a big security issues for every one using computers. Nobody can escape from getting their computers being infected with viruses. That’s why people are using anti-virus program for protection against data loss and corrupted files resulting from severe virus infections.

But choosing the right antivirus softwares is not an easy task either and can be a really a pain in the neck sometimes. Some full version antivirus softwares are expensive and newer version keep coming out every six months. That’s why most computer users turn to free edition antivirus softwares, a cheaper option when it comes to protecting computer from viruses.

I’ve downloaded and tested free edition antivirus softwares such as AVG or AVAST. From my personal experiences, I don’t think those two really suits me. Don’t take my word for it. Everyone have to look for softwares what they think is best suited with their computing needs.

I downloaded Avira AntiVir Personal based on the recommendation of a commenter when reading a review at softwares download website.

Not many people know about Avira’s antivirus, compared to the usual household names, such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro or BitDefender. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the software is not good at all.

I installed it and I’m still using it. It got two main features that I really needs, virus detection and virus removal. That’s what free edition antivirus should be like, although the Premium versions have extra utilities users may want to consider against other types of security threat.

Installation was easy and everything was up and running smoothly in no time. So far, I have had no conflicts with the software. I have found them to be quick and unobtrusive. The updates are free and so is the license. During installation, a free non commercial use for single user license will be generated. Expired license will be auto renew.

Every time software update itself, user are prompted by a pop-up to upgrade to Premium version but I don’t mind that happening. Considering this is a Free edition and I don’t expect so much from it. The pop-up alert only appears once in a while before and after software and virus definitions update.

The software is very easy to use and you can set scans as you desire. I found it easy to set up a load of scans at the times I wanted and scanning the files I wanted. There is also an expert menu enabling you to change the thoroughness of detection and other options users can play with and set it up to users preferences.

Avira AntiVir Personal offers real time protection as well as scanning, and claims to protect against known and unknown threats. I have not found the real time protection to slow down my system in anyway and it consumes little memory or CPU. I have found it to be an excellent product, easy to customize and it runs quietly in the background.

But then again, there is no “THE BEST” antivirus softwares and it all come down to look for softwares that well suited to users only and through personal experiences. We all have mixed opinions about certain things. You the user will be the judge of that.

In my opinion, Avira AntiVir Personal‘s free antivirus is a very good software to try in terms of effectiveness, usability and ease of use. You can learn more from test results and expert reviews at Download.com or About.com or search the internet for other resources.


p>If you feel like to try it out, you can download Avira’s free antivirus at publisher’s homepage via the download link.

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