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Developing a SEO link building technique is a main key to your website’s success.

Our process to get backlinks mimics virality in content distribution to go viral!

Here’s How the HOTH Link Building Process Breaks Down:

  1. First we start with your website.
  2. You choose the keywords and URLs that you want to rank. Our team of writers then creates awesome custom content around these inputs.
  3. We then mimic the viral process by sharing your custom content on authority sites like WordPress, Tumblr, and more. (We call these Top Levels because they are on the top part of the pyramid. They are “mini-authority” blog properties).
  4. Then, just like in the real world, responses to these blog articles get posted to blogs, bookmarks, and other diverse properties which link up to the authority blogs (these are supporting links).
  5. This all happens in a burst initially, just like a viral post. But then we slow drip more articles linking to the top level posts for 3+ weeks. This simulates popularity (we call this part the Volume Module).
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A HOTH Link Pyramid:
hoth link building

SEO Link Building Strategy

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