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updated: 2008-05-20í‚ 05:50:36

Here’s a little update what I’ve been up to with my WordPress blog. Currently, I’m still doing a lot of testing and experimenting with my new theme. I still got compatibility issue with the plugins enabled with that theme.

For those who have accessed my blog recently, you must have been really annoyed and irritated. Errors like Page Not Found, Timeout, Link Not Found, broken layout, broken links, widgets changing all the time, etc.í‚  I’m really sorry about that.í‚  I hope you all aware that I’m tryingí‚  to fix my site.

So what’s new?

1. I’m using a new theme and I’ve changed the skin layout again. Really don’t like the original color. Gave it my own personal touch. Maybe I will post an article on how to mod any WordPress or Blogger theme to suit your taste. The layout is big and wide so I can add larger images or videos.

2. My blog loads a lot faster now since the theme using less Javascript and layout images and icons.

3. I also added a neat and nifty Global Translator widget. For those who doesn’t understand English will find this little widget useful. A little warning though, translating my blog in other languages will break my page layout a little bit. Besides, it was never meant be view in any other foreign languages.

4. Latest posts, categories, archives and blogrolls are all put nicely inside a TAB widget. No more scrolling all the way down the entire page except when viewing long articles.

5. On top right hand corner next to my blog logo are the “subcribe to RSS feed” icons. Orange RSS icon is the ordinary RSS feed and the blue icon is RSS feed by email.

6. I will add RSS syndication of my favorite topics from other pages. A link back to my affiliates.

7. Articles cleaning in progress. Removing unused tags, broken links, junk codes left behind by plugins and etc.

( my English sucks :-E )

If you found any broken links, errors or any suggestion you might have, you can comment on this post or contact me via the CONTACT page.

*I really want to know especially to those who have registered and subscribed with this blog, what is your main reason for doing so?. I really wish my blog can do more for you guys. Any ideas? Want me to add a forum page? or you wish to contribute your articles?. Tell me more.

From admin / den-i :love:

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I’m sorry for the lack of update this week. I’ve been busy doing “spring cleaning” my WordPress. Need to optimize the loading speed and checking for invalid and dirty codes in my template.

I’m considering to redo my WordPress installation because I’m trouble accessing my Admin dashboard. Expect a lot of “Page Not Found” error. That means site maintenance in progress. I’m also planning to revamp my blog with new theme.


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