Build real estate listings business website with WordPress plugin

One of the toughest websites to create is a Real Estate website. A single website will have hundreds, even thousands of listings. Each listing has to have a lot of details about where the property is, how many bedrooms it has, its price, whether is listed for rent or selling and so on.

Then there are agents, brokers, and agencies to deal with.

Not to mention that information presented on the website should be accurate and up to date to stay compliant with the law.

Doing all these things manually is what website management nightmares are made of.

Introducing WP Real Estate Pro plugin which makes creating and managing real estate website a breeze.

WP Real Estate Pro is a feature rich WordPress plugin that has the right combination of features and visual appeal.

It’s important for a real estate website to have specific features to appeal to buyers. It is also important that your site’s branding is not affected when you add real estate listing functionality to it. WP Real Estate Pro excels on both these fronts.

MyThemeShop team has worked for hundreds of man-hours to make sure every little detail is perfected while creating this plugin.

WP Real Estate Pro plugin is one of the best real estate WordPress plugins. Its optimum features and customization abilities make it the best solution to create and manage real estate websites.


  • WP Real Estate Pro is compatible with all WordPress themes. Just install the plugin, and you can get started.
  • One-click Demo Import. Never spend hours creating dummy pages to understand the possibilities.
  • Advanced search capabilities help users find the property they are looking for, quickly.
  • Google Maps integration lets you display listings visually.
  • IDX and MLS integration lets you import and manage listings seamlessly.
  • Fast loading times as a result of clean and optimized code.


  1. Compatible with all WordPress themes.
  2. One-click demo import and setup.
  3. Advanced Search Form to help buyers locate exactly what they are looking for. The search form is also available as a widget.
  4. Google Maps integration lets you showcase all your listing on a map. The map can be displayed anywhere with a shortcode.
  5. Admins can enable Front End Submissions. This feature allows end users to list their properties on your website by entering its information directly.
  6. The user submitted listing feature can be set to free or premium. If set to premium, users will have to pay using PayPal or Stripe to list their property.
  7. A membership plan can also be purchased by the end users which will allow them to list a fixed number of listings per month.
  8. Customize the layout, currency, columns, and other features easily with the built-in WordPress Customizer support.
  9. All the colors used in the listings can also be customized easily from the WordPress Customizer.
  10. Full agency support. Create agencies, assign brokers to agencies, and assign brokers to listings
  11. Import and Export functionality lets you manage, and backup your data easily.
  12. Complete integration with IDX and MLS. Import MLS listings in a few clicks and keep them up to date with minimum work.
  13. 7 custom widgets to engage visitors. Widgets include search bar display, agencies display, and even a mortgage calculator.
  14. WP Real Estate Pro is designed with security in mind. The code is clean and thoroughly tested not to leave any vulnerabilities behind.
  15. The compare listing feature helps users compare two or more listings to make a purchase decision.
  16. A quick contact form ensures that potential leads can ask for any information they need, quickly.
  17. Inspection hours can be set with each listing so potential customer can visit the property at their convenience.
  18. WP Real Estate Pro captures detailed information about each listing. For example, you can save the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, current status, and even information about the neighborhood in a single listing.
  19. A built-in gallery helps you upload pictures and create beautiful image galleries for each listing.
  20. Our simple to understand but extensive documentation explains each plugin feature in detail. The documentation can also be used by developers to extend the plugin.
  21. WP Real Estate Pro is backed by a team of WordPress experts that are ready to assist you anytime. Support experts are available 24×7, 365 days a year.

I hope you now understand how powerful the WP Real Estate Pro is.

Grab WP Real Estate Pro plugin for $99

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