UBIQUITY – Connecting the Web with language

Connecting the Web with language…that’s what the Mozilla people called it’s latest unique prototype extension for the Firefox – “UBIQUITY“. A very ‘nifty’ and ‘handy-dandy’ little utility for Firefox users indeed. By using user created commands, users can do nearly anything that make common Web tasks faster and easier.

Mozilla Ubiquity

Users will be able to perform a quick Wikipedia, google, definition, and yelp searches; add maps to your email; and translate a snippet of a web page, highlight a word, and then email it to a friend.

How UBIQUITY works despite that weird name?.

When user open up their favorite Firefox browser and enter every possible URL address in the address bar. And what does that do?. User just open another web page and the next over and over again.

What if that address bar can do more then just to enter URL address?. For an example; using command that is not an URL address and call and open up an application. Let’s say, user writing an email to a friend. User needed extra contents to spice up his/her messages a little bit so they can impress their friends. Adding photo images, videos, maps and stuff so the message looks cool with embedded media. This user will have to open so many applications just to look for that special contents. Open up new search page or other application, another and another until they can find what they are looking for. That is a lot of work.

That is when UBIQUITY comes in handy. Users only using Firefox to do the searching and locating all the contents needed to be included in the email messages. See where is this going, I don’t either. I mean at first, I don’t see exactly how it actually be something useful to me and why do I even need UBIQUITY thingy. It can do more but lets just focus on the subject on adding contents to the email messages, shall we.

Ubiquity command

OK, with UBIQUITY installed, use the the URL address bar to enter and type the command. Much like entering the WWW web addresses. That address bar now is equipped with a command console. User can type in any commands and ask it to do the fetching for contents for that user.

Refer to the snapshot. User wish to email to the person name ‘Jono’. Use the hot key to activate UBIQUITY and command console will open up. Enter the command that user already personally created – email plus keywords – for themselves and press ENTER. Voila! Ubiquity will do as instructed and new email apps will launch automatically. User don’t even do anything else and new blank email, and the header including email address will be ready. Waiting for the user next instructions. Hit the hot-key again and user can type in more commands. Maybe, user wants to add Flickr images. Type in the customized commands and it will take the user to Flickr personal account, login page, albums or do custom photo search.

The possibilities are endless. User only needs a Firefox browser to do multiple tasks for them without even moving around so much in the desktop environment.

If you can still figure out what I’m saying just watch the video. It got a lot more explanations and story to tell. After that you’ll can’t hardly wait to install the extensions.

You need to read documentation and tutorial in order to use UBIQUITY effectively and to do your every commands. You can check it at Mozilla Labs or Mozilla Wiki. If you need to install it and here is the direct link.

Install the prototype and you’ll be presented with a tutorial to get you started“.

Like they said – “It doesn’t have to be this way”. Let UBIQUITY show you the way.

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