Contest giveaways on a regular basis via Hexus.Net

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Who doesn’t love online contest and win free prizes. Especially winning the item you always wanted but you can’t afford it, e.g, high end CPUs or graphic card.

What if there is a website that held online giveaways on a regular basis?. Yes there is, it’s called, it is the UK’s number one independent technology news and reviews website. They also rewarding their loyal readers a chance to win computer peripherals, pc accessories, mobile devices, electronics gadgets and more. 

All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and they will notify you for upcoming giveaways. 

Here is how the actual competition process operates:

You lodge an entry via the form on the related competition page on HEXUS, or via Facebook, if available, or both if the competition allows two entries. The maximum number of entries for any competition is therefore 2.

*Note: Everyone is treated equally meaning that you have the same chance as everyone else at scooping a prize. The only obvious caveat is when a competition, by the manufacturer’s choice, is limited to a certain geographical area – “UK only”, for example.

Just click the link below and start joining…

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