Cure for acne found…or not

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Have acne on your face?. What kind of acne cream people who is suffering from Acne use?. Maybe OXY10 or ProActive.

NOT. Dig this. Try condom lubricant instead. Apply it on your face.

And this is the kind of cure it is unheard of.

It seems to be working among female in the capital of Cambodia. One woman claimed all her acne dried up and went away after using the Number One Plus condom lubricant just for only three days. The lubricant can get rid of spots too.

You can read more on this interesting story at Yahoo News and Telegraph.

Better not try it until it’s proven safe. Who knows, after a week on this kind of treatment. Not just the lubricant completely removed the acne but the whole facial skin as well. Talk about Total Facelift treatment. šŸ˜€