Don't delete Spam emails…

…save them and report them.

At the moment there, you might think I’m some kind of a looney person to not delete spam emails and saving it in my hard drive.

Here’s a smart thing to do when dealing with spam emails.

Hear me out first.

There is one place where you can report all the spam emails you received everyday and get back at the stupid spammers. Ain’t it tiring deleting them day in and day out and you really wish you can do something about it. What about to be told is not a total prevention and pull out all the stop to the spam email forever. But at least you will not go down without a fight.

It took one really silly mistake thinking one email looks so legit and convincing, and you had to read it and clicking the links. And by the time you realized it was spam and it was too late.  You just open up the gate and all hell breaks loose. The spam emails will start pouring in like flood water and your Inbox will drown with it. You know it; prescription drugs, sex toys, get rich schemes,  bla..bla..bla..that’s Spam emails to you.

Spam emails are not just to annoy people but also dangerous. Some are with hidden malicious codes and viruses, adwares, sypwares to infect the targeted computer hardware and snooping around and stealing and phishing out sensitive and private informations.

So what can you do?.

Delete them, yes. Of course you can. For a starter, trying deleting one thousands spam email everyday.  Maybe you can bounce the email or temporarily shutdown your email server or buy the most expensive Anti-Spam softwares money can buy.  Not many people are tech-wise or have that much money.

OK, enough of that mumbling and get back to how to fight back the spam emails and shutdown the nasty spammers for good.

Get to know “KNUJON- (ní»j-í´n)” because they will help you fight spam emails by tracing the spams source and shutting them down. If you have tons of spam emails, just send it all to KnujOn and they will do the rest. They have been doing since the year 2005 and they never getting tired of receiving spam emails. From all the spam emails they have received, 274,707 junk email sites has been shutdown.

About KnujOn and what they do:

KnujOn is a multi-tiered response to Internet threats, specifically email-based threats. The success of this project is based on the cooperative efforts of business, government, law enforcement, security professionals, consumers, and average citizens. Knujon is a meeting point for all parties who wish to make the Internet a safer place. This multi-purpose e-fraud tool has significantly reduced junk mail traffic to various users and on the Internet in general. As more networks begin using KnujOn spam, phishing, and other threats will become issues of the past.

You have two choices, to be a free member or a registered one. Becoming a paid member will have more priorities and it will be a plus if you have a major issues with email based threats that can ruin your business or corporate organization. is proud to help individuals with their junk mail problems. KnujOn’s annual personal registered membership fee is $27 which is accepted through PayPal following the registration process. Anyone may report junk email to KnujOn for free. The membership fee goes towards the overhead costs incurred in account maintenance, issuing reports to registered members, and expanding the project to better serve everyone.

There are ways you can send spam emails by forwarding it manually one by one or uploading saved bulk emails to the recipient email account that provided publicly by KnujOn.

The next time before you wanted to delete junk or spam emails, help yourself and countless others who have been troubled by such annoyances by reporting it to KnujOn.

To become a member and start reporting spams or for more informations and other services head on to KnujOn.

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