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Found this great program that makes your web site or blog to be number 1 in top 40 in world search engines and make tons of money at the same time by flooding your business site with potential customers. Join program as client or an affiliate for free. No harm in trying.

You may have only just joined the 1on40 Affiliate program and wondering what to do next to EARN thousands of credits and huge amounts of CASH from your web site and affiliate account.

Finding clients and affiliates is EASY. It’s simplicity itself.

YOU have THREE choices, you can:

1. Refer other affiliates

2. Introduce clients

3. Refer affiliates and introduce clients

Everything you do will make YOU 100% GUARANTEED money! Every web site on the Internet is a client worth a minimum of one credit and each person you know and web site owner is also a potential affiliate.

Do YOU know ONE person that wouldn’t use the 1on40 service for FREE?

Do YOU know anyone who had refuse to join the 1on40 affiliate programme for FREE in order to EARN CASH?

Who wouldn’t want their web site at the NUMBER ONE result on Google, Yahoo and other search engines?

Always refer other affiliates and introduce clients into the programme using your unique 1on40 affiliate URL we’ve already given you. Having trouble finding it? Look on the home page of this member area.

Anyone you know who’s involved in business opportunities, marketing, Internet marketing, MLM, Network Marketing, Franchises, Web-mastery or any other affiliate driven market (for example banner affiliates, publishers working for advertising agencies) will want to join 1on40 as a FREE affiliate to EARN huge credits to promote all their affiliate web sites to GENERATE CASH from each one.

YOU and YOUR clients can send any type of web site (even an affiliate/MLM replica page) to the NUMBER ONE result on Google, Yahoo and 100’s of other search engines.

Don’t compare our spectacular offer and unique revolutionary special service with any other in the market today, forget SEOs and Internet marketing companies that snatch your money to give you a better placement they’re rubbish compared with what we offer for FREE!

DO NOT pay for what YOU can get for FREE!

There is absolutely NO other company that can provide YOU a HUGE income FAST from your existing web site/s whether you sell socks, pants or DVD’s. Affiliate sites and pages are a specialty and are that easy to get to the NUMBER ONE result it’s ludicrous.

Simply submit each of your web site URLs through 1on40 to rocket them to the 1st result for FREE and then bid or use your credits to pay for keywords once you’re NUMBER ONE on Google, Yahoo and 100’s of other search engines.

It is all about being NUMBER ONE! Be the 1st for once in your life.

Send YOUR web site to NUMBER ONE for FREE then keep it there for ever bidding on keywords or using credits to stay 1st for YOUR 5 keywords! To earn credits you can refer anyone as an affiliate. You get a credit for each person you refer. You also get a credit for everyone they refer, FULL STOP!

YOU get credits for every client that submits their web site through 1on40 and also a credit for EACH client every affiliate in your whole down line introduces to 1on40.

So just to refresh your memory! YOU get credits for every client introduced into 1on40 by YOU or your down line! YOU also get credits for EVERY affiliate that YOU or your entire down line refer to 1on40! That’s FANTASTIC!

YOU will EARN from everything you do and touch! Every affiliate type person will join as an affiliate in your group/down line AND each web site on the world wide web is a credit JUST waiting for you to snap up too. Everything and anything YOU do will snowball and EARN YOU credits.

Credits are as good as CASH! Use them to promote your web site/affiliate site or cash them in. Each credit is worth £20.00GBP OR $40.00USD.

You can literally make 100’s of 1000’s of dollars.

Every single web site on the Internet NEEDS YOU! Everyone wants to be NUMBER ONE on Google and NO ONE wants to pay for it. YOU have a perfect market and a BRILLIANT way to MAKE MONEY!

To start all YOU need to do is tell YOUR contacts about 1on40 and let the snowball begin rolling down the steep mountain gathering speed and MORE affiliates with it as it creates YOU a hands-free INCOME. Incredible!

Then once you’ve told everyone you know follow some of the tips set out below and EARN much, MUCH more! Everyone NEEDS YOU! NO ONE can do without YOU!

Introduce every web site on the Internet now and refer everyone you know or has ever emailed you EVER! It’s that easy.

IMPORTANT! – When emailing anyone follow the strict instructions below about spam, replying to other peoples emails and using your contact list/address book etc., before you send your first email.

NO SPAM! SPAM AND YOU’RE GONE and YOUR details and IP address will be delivered to any relevant authority both local and global. YOU have been warned!

Start marketing YOUR 1on40 affiliate account and et paid MASSIVE commissions and overrides (CREDITS) that can be exchanged for CASH or used to stay at NUMBER ONE on Google and Yahoo etc. Become YOUR own first client by submitting all YOUR web site/affiliate URLs and get paid credits (CASH) and see YOUR web sites at NUMBER ONE position in Google results for 5 keywords FREE!

It’s a WIN WIN offer!

1on40 VALUE our affiliates. They are an asset. We pride ourselves on offering our affiliates an excellent unique marketing tool to EARN CASH. There is NO better than a FREE service to bring in clients and EARN commission (credits). Everyone wins. Clients go to NUMBER ONE, affiliates see their affiliate sites/pages as the 1st result on Google and at the same time get paid for giving away a totally FREE service (during BETA).

Use 1on40 to fuel YOUR income! Reduce the work you do to make money from your web site/affiliate page right NOW! Submit it to 1on40 and get MILLIONS of SALES, SIGN UPS and MORE!

Hopefully we’ve introduced YOU to how to get started without too much work! WORK, there’s never been so little to do and so much return…

Earnings are limitless, miss the opportunity window and watch others pay off their mortgages, buy new cars and take exotic holidays instead of you!

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