How to search for bank SWIFT codes


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You wish to send money to some person overseas, withdraw money from any payment portal or making purchase payment via online banking.

You’re set to go with filling in the form so the payment can be completed. You have fills the forms half way with all your banking accounts details and then BAMM!!!. You’re stuck at the part where you needed to know and fill in your bank SWIFT or BIC codes (Wiki here).

This is going to be a real hassle to start your car or jump on your scooter to go to the nearest bank and once you got there, you find yourself standing in a very long queue. Or maybe you’re trying to call the bank hotline instead and either you’ve been answered by an automated robot operator that passed you around to so many lines or you’ll get a busy line. All of that problem just for the sake to ask for a SWIFT codes.

You can try Google search but you’re really lazy to go through the search results.

In that case, let me just show you how and give a shortcut to you instead.

You can try the website that deals with SWIFT or BIC codes. There are so many details on what this website do. You can check on that later on your on free time.

It’s their online search service that I wish to explain here.

Since dealing with anything that are SWIFT and BIC codes, they have all the records on all international banks.

Just used their online search box and it will give the information you needed to fill your form.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re from Singapore and you wanted more details on Citibank. If you’re already know your SWIFT or BIC codes but you wanted to know the Citibank location such as bank branch or address or city. Use the Search by BIC search box.

Before you start pointing out that I’m supposed to show how to look for the codes but instead explains something in reverse like a person already know the codes but still crazy enough to look for the same thing twice.

Scroll down please and look at Search by institution, country and city search box. Enter any keyword like bank name or city or country name to those 3 forms text area. You can fill in all of them at once or just one keyword and hit enter.

Using the search

And here’s the search results you wanted:

Swift codes search

There you go and you will find the SWIFT or BIC codes in the BIC code column. All the bank information in one place.

Use that to finish filling the form you previously put on hold because you don’t know your SWIFT or BIC codes.

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