Identify pre-installed CrapWare on a new computer with SlimComputer

“Crapware is also called bloatware or shovelware because computer makers seem to shovel bloated nonsense by the barrelful onto new PCs. There’s a reason for that—crapware offsets the price of super-cheap PC on retail shelves. Even if it’s only by pennies.” – PCMag

If you’ve ever gotten a new PC and it came loaded with promotional programs, toolbars, links to advertising or trial offers, then you know how frustrating these things can be. Community-powered feedback is the key to SlimComputer’s state-of-the-art cleaning. In real time, SlimComputer assesses your new PC to identify programs, toolbars, and startup entries that users vote “optional”. You can then use this data to decide what you want to keep on your computer.

What it does: Wow, new PC, eh? Nothing else like it: slim, sleek, and speedy, with gobs of space just waiting to be filled up. The last thing you’d need would be a system cleaner, right? What if we told you that it could be even slimmer and speedier if you removed some of the junk like software demos and toolbars that comes pre-installed on new PCs? Suppose there were a free utility designed specifically to slim down new PCs by clearing away the stuff you don’t want and won’t ever use before it becomes the computing equivalent of belly fat? Suppose such a tool checked online for user-supplied feedback about programs and applications, to keep your system slender as it grows in size? Let’s call it SlimComputer, because that’s the name of a free tool from SlimWare designed to optimize PCs right from the start. However, it works just fine on not-so-new PCs, too.

C-Net | | January 24, 2011



Using community-based input to improve our products – makes our software into living, breathing products that evolve, improve and become optimized into the fastest, most efficient applications on the planet. Think utility software meets cloud computing meets Web 2.0.

Remove unwanted Software

Remove unwanted pre-installed software which comes with new PC which take lots of system resources. You can easily remove them with SlimComputer.

  • A Slim System – Get rid of the promo bulk that comes on a new PC.
    • Applications – Remove unneeded, pre-installed software.
    • Toolbars – Remove unuseful Toolbars that can slow browsing.
    • Startup items – Remove unnecessary Startup items to boost speed.
    • Shortcuts – Remove unwanted shortcuts that clutter your desktop.
  • Restore – Undo any changes done by SlimComputer with one click.
  • Optimizer – Tweak Startup & Windows services to boost performance.
  • Uninstaller – Remove software based on community-sourced ratings.
  • Windows Tools – Get the most useful management tools in one place.

Remove Trial Offers

Get rid of Trial offers that come with your new computer.

Remove Toolbars

Remove unwanted internet browser toolbars. Making your internet experience faster and better.

Remove Ad Links

New computers come with lots of advertisements links on desktop. SlimComputer can remove all the ad links giving you cleaner computer.

Disable unneeded services

Services are small helper programs that aid larger applications. By customizing which services are active and which are disabled, SlimComputer can optimize your computer to make it perform at its peak. 

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