LeaGoo Smartphones – Practical, Affordable and Stylish

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Staying true to its brand’s philosophy, “Practical, Affordable and Stylish” – LEAGOO, the fast-growing smartphone company unveils yet another value for money smart device packed with cutting-edge features to the Malaysian market. LEAGOO kick-started in Malaysia and has since proven to be well-liked among smartphone users. Increasingly, China-based smartphone manufacturers are winning ground previously held by mainstream makers.

Indeed, Chinese smartphones’ accompanying price tag is undeniably the single greatest reason people even buy devices whose brand names they’ve never heard of before. And if you, too, were on a budget, and in need of an affordable phone that doesn’t outright blow up your wallet, then the LeaGoo smartphones will absolutely catch your attention. Simply put, LeaGoo phones are one of the most spec’d out phones we know of for this kind of cash.

So what is the price tag? Here’s a price list just to show you that LeaGoo phones are Affordable:

  1. Lead 1i  – RM699 / USD194 [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]
  2. Lead 7   – RM599 / USD167 [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]
  3. Lead 2s – RM499 / USD139 [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]
  4. Lead 5   – RM399 / USD111  [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]
  5. Lead 3   – RM299 / USD83    [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]
  6. Lead 4   – RM199 / USD55    [ Buy ⇒ MY | US ]

Although, LeaGoo may not be an established brand in the market, the company has proved that it can make competitive and value for money devices. LeaGoo offers good specifications and features for a device and it would be a great purchase for anyone who’s entering into the world of Android for the first time.

+ More info on specs, accessories, etc at LeaGoo