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MAX STEEL “United” | Live Action Promotional Trailer from BUF – commercial reel.

| Director: Stephen Sommers
| Production: Recommended Media

“It’s just another school day at Copper Canyon High until Maxwell McGrath gets in touch with his inner superhero. The result? Turbofied stunts and out-of-this-world action.”

Production Notes:
Max Steel is a famous line of action figures produced by the toy company Mattel, developed into animated series by Disney in March 2013.

The challenge about Max Steel was to create realistic creatures called Elementors based on their cartoon version from the TV series. They had only been seen as cartoon so far. Therefore, BUF did 2D designs of the Elementors (Fire, Water, Earth…) and of Dredd (the villain) pushing the detail as far as possible for them to look as real as possible. Then we worked on their CG version creating models, textures, particles, etc… to integrate them into the live-action shots.

The second half of the commercial which has a cartoon look to it, was also a challenge in terms of animation. We had to match the work and style o animation done by companies that had also worked on Max Steel for the cartoon TV series. We also tried to give the same look but added more textures and volume to the render so it would blend better with the live-action part.

There have been rumors floating around the internet that Max Steel will make it to the big screen. The live action sci-fi film is set to hit theaters in 2015. More details can be found at MoviFone and other links below.