My first vector art

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I completely forgotten to renew my domain and my blog down for 3 days. I can’t post any new article or even accessing my web files. While waiting for my domain to be activated by the registrar, I took a swing at Illustrator vector art. I have never done this before so I Google-ed for some tutorials.

It take me quite awhile to really understand the basics on how to use the Adobe Illustrator. So far I’ve learned the tracing techniques and a lot of people using the same method. It’s much easier to work with Anime and Manga sketches coz tracing still images is too much for a beginner like me to handle.

Here’s the end result of vector art I’ve made. See attached photo. I put my own personal touches to the picture. Made a little changes to the HOLLOW mask and tatoo to give that gruesome looks. If you’re a big fan of BLEACH ( í£Æ’–í£Æ’ªí£Æ’¼í£Æ’ ) anime, you probably gonna hate me for doing this.

My vector art

photo info:
Character: Kurosaki Ichigo 킦 Tracing reference: BLEACH video still 킦 Graphic tools: Adobe Illustrator

I’m really getting the hang of this vector art thingy. I’ll start this new year by adding an extra page in my blog. An art page to display all my ‘work of art’ that I have done. ;-J

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