Norifumi ‘Norick’ Abe is gone

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Legendary rider Norick Abe dies in motorbike, truck collision

On October 7, 2007, Norifumi ‘Norick’ Abe, one of Japanese most successful motorcycle road racers, collided with a truck while riding a 500cc motorbike scooter in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, and died from the resulting injuries after having been taken to hospital Sunday afternoon, the Asahi Shimbun reports. Abe was 32 years old. Local police say the collision occurred on a four-lane municipal road, when the driver of the truck made an illegal U-turn, colliding with Abe who was closing in on the truck from behind on its right-hand side, at 6:20pm local time. He was pronounced dead two and a half hours later at 8:50pm at the hospital where he was taken for treatment

The truck driver told police he realized he had mistakenly taken the wrong way, and tried to get back on track.

Norifumi Abe was born to the auto racer Mitsuo Abe, and sat on a bike for the first time when he was 5. After finishing elementary school, he spent two years in the United States, perfecting his skills. He won his first Grand Prix title 1996, and went on to conquer the title twice more.

Abe, who was also known as Norick Abe in the English-speaking world and as “the legendary rider” in Japan, had many fans in Japan as well as worldwide.

Raced in Motorccycle Grand prix championship and MotoGP from 1994 to 2004. He won three races, Japan GP in 1996 and 2000, and Rio De Janeiro GP in 1999. Until 2006 he was race rider i,n WSBK championship.

In 2007, he competed in the All Japan Superbike Championship, again on a Yamaha. Norick, when not racing enjoyed skiing, snow boarding, downhill mountain biking and poetry.

Norifumi will stay as one of the most talented Japanese rider of those past ten years. He was also very nice and approachable, he was also very loved by MotoGP fans.


Name: Norifumi Abe

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Born: Sept. 7, 1975

2007 Team: Y’S GEAR Racing


1993: Champion of All Japan GP500 class

1994: World Road Race Championships GP500 class debut

1995: 9th in World GP500 class

1996: 5th in World GP500 class (won Japan GP)

1997: 7th in World GP500 class

1998: 6th in World GP500 class

1999: 6th in World GP500 class (won Rio GP)

2000: 8th in World GP500 class (won Japan GP)

2001: 7th in World GP500 class

2002: 6th in MotoGP

2003: 16th in MotoGP (spot participation)

2004: 13th in MotoGP

2005: 13th in World Superbike Championship

2006: 13th in World Superbike Championship

2007: Ranking 3rd in All Japan JSB1000 class (at the end of round 6)

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