The Looking Glass – A Holographic Display for 3D Creators


The Looking Glass, a first of its kind 3D holographic display launches for 3D creators.

A Desktop Display for Creating and Viewing 3D Content

• No Bulky Headgear Needed
• Up to 60 FPS
• Full Color Depth
• Preview your 3D Files before 3D Printing
• Unity SDK available with Maya and Blender tools coming in later 2019

Ready for the Third Dimension?

Source: Glass Factory


For real web privacy, try browser compartmentalization

Browser compartmentalization can help you escape the clutches of the data gathering machine.

Browser compartmentalization is a privacy technique. The technique sees users using two or even three browsers on the same computer.

However, instead of switching between browsers at random, users of browser compartmentalization dedicate one browser to one type of internet activity, and another browser to another type of internet activity.

Source: FastCompany


Update your Windows 10 PC right now to avoid dangerous malware

WINDOWS 10 users should update their PC right now to avoid being plagued by dangerous malware that could allow a hacker to “take control” of their device.

The latest of which introduces remedies for two zero-day vulnerabilities Microsoft claims could have allowed an attacker to “take control of an affected system”.

Source: express.co.uk


Vroid Studio – A Free 3D Character Design Software For Illustrators

VRoid Studio は、人型アバター(キャラクター)の3Dモデルを作成できるWindows・Mac 用アプリケーションで、どなたでも無償で利用可能になります。

Vroid Studio is a Windows or Mac application that allows you to create 3D models of humanoid avatars (characters) and will be available to everyone free of charge.

Vroid Studio is a character maker that can solve these problems and model the ideal character with simple operations. In order to realize a world where everyone has their own unique character, and that character can be used for communication with other people and creative activities, “Intuitively operate the drawing techniques that the creator already has”.

The created 3D models can be exported to a file that can be used in 3D applications. In addition to supporting export in VRM format at the time of release, export in other file formats will be supported in the future.

If you create a character in Vroid Studio, you can use that character as an avatar on various VR or AR platforms that support VRM.

Visit their site to download the free Beta version of this app.

Source: Vroid Project


Microsoft Edge First Preview Builds Available For Download


You might have heard that some changes are coming for Microsoft Edge, and now the first preview builds of the next version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium are now ready for download on Windows 10 PCs.

Be among the first to try out what Microsoft Edge team been working on. To run preview builds of the next version of Microsoft Edge, Windows Insiders will first be required to agree to an End User License Agreement.

Keep in mind, these early builds can be run on any 64-bit version of Windows 10 without impacting your current browsing experience—and the current Microsoft Edge browser will continue to be included in Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds.

Features may be available in select markets; experience may vary by region and device. Windows 10 Insider Preview may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the new preview builds, and giving them feedback on the current version of Microsoft Edge by joining the community.



Speed Up WordPress in 2019: How To Optimize and Make Your Website Load Fast


Most guides on how to speed up WordPress websites are useless. You want to make your website load fast, so you follow the instructions, but you find your site still loads slowly.

To fix slow load times, you need to identify and eliminate bloat, but these tutorials don’t teach you how to do that.

You can get a massive head start on achieving fast load times by using Oxygen – a visual builder for WordPress that is 100% bloat free: https://oxygenbuilder.com/. But even if you are using typical bloated visual builders like Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

This tutorial will teach you optimizations which will significantly speed up ANY WordPress website. There are 3 main thing that typically degrade performance and make a WordPress website run slowly.

Fix these, and you’ll have a fast loading website:

  1. Plugins (and WordPress core) loads scripts and styles onto all pages of your site, even when they only need to be present on a single page.
  2. Excessively large files (like images) are being loaded on the page – resulting in slow load times. Compress these files to speed things up.
  3. Bad web hosting providers don’t deliver your page to the visitor quickly – resulting in slow load times even for a lightweight page.In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to fix these common problems which slow down your website.

And you won’t need to install any caching plugins – they may change the letter grade you get but it is rare they will actually stop your site from being slow.

The tutorial contains 4 primary steps:

  1. How to identify and eliminating bloat loaded by WordPress core and plugins
  2. How to identify images which should be compressed and compress them.
  3. How to eliminate unneeded font files from being loaded.
  4. How to verify your web hosting provider is delivering your page to visitors quickly eliminate bloat, compress images, and host your website somewhere good and your website will load LIGHTNING fast.

Source: Oxygen