Free Vector Ecommerce and Shopping Icons


This icon pack contains 15 free outlined vectors for eCommerce and shopping. These scalable vectors include online store related icons such as money, a store front, shopping bag and cart, sale tag, barcode and cash register. Download these icons today and utilize them in your eCommerce or Shopping site.

Designed by Tony Thomas | Download


Free Business Email Accounts With Custom Domain Name

20000 FREE business email accounts with custom domain name will be given away to business owners and startups in Malaysia.

Am I eligible to register Exabytes eSEED Program?

Yes, as long as you own a valid registered company in Malaysia.

No Contract

Absolutely FREE 1 year of business-class email for up to 3 users + domain name. You always have the option to cancel whenever you want.

Terms and Conditions

  • eSeed is only applicable to new sign up, with no previous active hosting plan accounts in Exabytes.
  • Only business with valid company registration name and number is eligible for eSeed.
  • Only one eSeed sign up is allowed per business.
  • Exabytes reserves the right to approve or cancel eSeed sign up at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Each eSeed account comes with a FREE 1 year eSeed – EBiz Power – 3 users Hosting Plan & domain name. Any subsequent annual renewal of an eSeed account will be charge at RM200/year.
  • FREE Domain Offer is restricted to new .com / net domain registrations only.
  • Domain name once registered is not changeable.
  • FREE Domain has to be the primary domain name of the associated hosting account.
  • FREE eSeed account is valid for one year only. Any subsequent annual renewal of an eSeed account will be charge at RM200/year.
  • You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  • For enquiries, please contact us.

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Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows PC

Titanfall Limited Edition XboX One Controller

Xbox One owners as well as PC gamers can now use the revamped Xbox One controller for gaming on the PC. Microsoft released the official Xbox One Controller Drivers for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows 7 and 8).

The Xbox One controller should work with any title that is compatible with the Xbox 360 controller. You can check out the lists of games with XInput support.Microsoft planning to release the drivers as part of a Windows update in the near future.Choose your Windows platform below and click on the download links for your driver.

  • Microsoft Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows
    1. 32bit – Google Drive | DropBox
    2. 64bit – Google Drive | DropBox

Installation Guide

Read this instructions for installing the drivers . Before proceeding with your driver installation, make sure you are installing the latest version available and for the appropriate model/revision and Operating System. Often restarting your system will be necessary for the new driver to become active and start functioning properly.

The Xbox One controller needs to be connected to your PC through the micro USB cable for PC gaming.

  1. Open the file you just downloaded.  Amusingly enough, Windows will show an “unknown publisher” warning, even though the drivers are coming from Microsoft. Click Run in the box that pops up. You don’t have to plug in the controller to install the drivers.
  2. A setup wizard should appear. Read and accept the license agreement, wait for the installation to finish, then click Finish.
  3. Now, plug in your Xbox One controller. It may vibrate briefly, and you should see a “driver software installed successfully” message on the System Tray.
  4. At this point, you should be ready to play games that support Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller should automatically recognize the Xbox One controller without any additional setup.

You may encounter some issue during installation:

The biggest problem is that several of the games would not recognize the controller. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers did not help, so hopefully this is just a temporary issue that Microsoft and game developers can resolve through updates.

Also, the first time you installed the driver, Windows 7 showed a “Runtime Error” after plugging in the controller, followed by an “XboxStat.exe has stopped working” error (similar thing happen when using Xbox360 controller). The controller still worked, but the message was a nuisance. These messages went away after reinstalling the driver.

Finally, keep in mind that plugging the controller into a PC will break its wireless connection to the Xbox One. You’ll have to plug the controller back into the console via USB to pair them again.

Release Notes – Xbox

“The greatest gamepad – now even better”

  • The Xbox One Wireless Controller features over 40 improvements to the award-winning Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

More immersive

  • Feel the action like never before with Impulse Triggers. New vibration motors in the triggers provide precise fingertip feedback bringing weapons, crashes, and jolts to life for a whole new level of gaming realism (in supported games).
  • New expansion port with high speed data transfer enables clearer chat audio when using a compatible headset. Headset sold separately. Chat features require Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately).

More precise

  • Newly designed D-pad is responsive to both sweeping and directional movements.
  • Thumbstick improvements enable better grip and accuracy.
  • Trigger and bumpers are designed for quicker access.

More comfortable

  • Grips and contours have been designed to fit a wider range of hand sizes comfortably.
  • Batteries fit inside the controller body, allowing your hands more room to naturally grip the controller.

Additional features

  • Contents: Wireless Controller and AA Batteries (2).
  • Up to 30 feet wireless range.
  • Connect up to 8 Wireless Controllers at once to your console.
  • Menu and View buttons for easy navigation.
  • Seamless profile and controller pairing. Infrared LEDs in the controller can be sensed by the Kinect sensor.
  • Expansion port for add-on devices like the Chat Headset.
  • Compatible with Xbox One Play and Charge Kit and Xbox One Chat Headset.

If you are not blogging, you are missing out

Blogging has proven to be one of the few internet marketing techniques that has stood the test of time, granted some of the techniques for creating a successful blog may have changed but it’s fair to say that most successful online entrepreneurs have a blog and are using it to make money every day.

One of the best ways to make money online these days is to invest a little time into maintaining and growing a blog which will attract a constant flow of visitors who will grow to trust your opinions and recommendations.

It can however be a little daunting to set up a blog from scratch if you haven’t done it before (and even if you have are you sure you’re going about it the right way?), so sometimes it pays to invest in a quality guide to help you get up and running the right way.

cash-bloggingWell the good news is that if you are looking for a step-by-step guide for blogging then this product will be perfect for you. Cash Blogging Tactics is a fantastic resource designed to help anyone get a blog up and running and making money asap.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to successful create a blogging business then you should look no further than Cash Blogging Tactics, a new guide that has been released which aims to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of creating a blogging business.

Just take a look at some of the contents of this guide:

  • Find piping hot niche markets that are begging to give you cash
  • How to do keyword research easily with Google’s Keyword Tool to find the most profitable keywords for your niche
  • The pros and cons of Blogger.com blogs vs. self-hosted WordPress blogs. Which one is better and why
  • How to get a domain name and hosting and set everything up quickly
  • How to install WordPress easily and how to optimize your blog for the search engines
  • The secrets to producing great quality content that will turn your readers into loyal customers
  • The best ways to monetize your blogs using range of income streams
  • How to build a list of targeted buyers from your blog that you can sell to in the future
  • 8 different ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site for free!

Rest assured this is an easy to follow guide that could have you up and running with a blog in as little as a couple of hours, and making a full time income from your blogging exploits in less than 6 months.

One of the (many) good things about this guide is that it is written with the novice and advance user in mind so if you’ve never set up a blog before it will take you through the process step-by-step, however if you are someone that has done this many times before then the guide will show you some advanced tips for how to optimise your site for visitors and which plug-ins are going to be your best bet for WordPress.

Not only that but you will also find easy to follow pictures and instructions throughout the guide and clear explanations about why you should be doing particular things in order to make sure your blog is as effective as possible, so it really is a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a full time blogger.

So take a few minutes to check out what the guide is all about and I’m sure you’ll be impressed, I know I was, and if you’re worried about the price, don’t be as it’s incredible how little they are going to charge you for this!

If there was anything negative I could say about the product it would only be that in some cases it can go into too much detail meaning if you already know this stuff you have to skip over a few bit of content, but then if you are an absolute beginner you’ll find this stuff invaluable, so it’s not a huge issue really.

So there you have it, a great product at a great price and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who thinks they would like to give blogging a shot, even if you don’t intend to turn it into a full time job you are likely to learn some great tips to make your personal blog that much better.

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Alien Vs Predator 2 – you heard it right, a sequel…

Aliens vs. Predator 2 – Requiem

Warring alien and predator races descend on a small town, where residents must band together for any chance of survival.


  • THEATRICAL RELEASE: December 25, 2007
  • DIRECTOR: Greg Strause & Colin Strause
  • SCREENWRITERS: Shane Salerno
  • ACTORS: Reiko Aylesworth, Steven Pasquale, John Ortiz, Shareeka Epps, Johnny Lewis, Sam Trammell, David Paetkau
  • STUDIO: 20th Century Fox


AVP2 Requiem will take place directly after the predalien incident in the original AVP movie, talk from the directors state that several predators are slaughtered leading to the eventual crash landing of the ship onto Earth.

The follow-up to the worldwide hit ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage their most brutal battle yet in an American Midwestern town – Colorado, with the unsuspecting residents caught in the middle.




Both creatures have gone through design changes since the original Paul Anderson directed Alien vs. Predator. These include a return to the ridged-headed aliens last seen in Aliens and a slimmer, more athletic Predator as seen in Predator and Predator 2.


New Predator technology is expected to be seen throughout the course of the film. A new clan Ship will be seen and Ian Whyte and the Strause Brothers have stated that there may be only one main Predator (named “Wolf”) in the film. Other Alien hybrids may appear in the film, and in a recent interview, it has been said that an Alien Queen may not be shown.

Source: AVPGalaxy | Official Website | AlienVsPredator2 | Sulekha| AlienVsPredator2


Animation Reel by Blur Studio

Breathtaking Animation/FX Reel from Blur Studio.

Blur Studio is an American visual effects, animation and design company. Blur produces 3D character animation, motion design and visual effects for feature films and television, game cinematics and trailers, large format films, location-based entertainment, commercials, and integrated media.



Free Pixar RenderMan For Non-Commercial Use


Pixar / Disney has decided to release its flagship animation software called RenderMan for free to non-commercial users. As part of the company’s long-term commitment to foster the future growth of the production industries. The animation software used to create classics like Toy Story, Wall-E and other Pixar’s 3D animation movie masterpiece.

Software licenses for the purposes of evaluation, education, personal training, experimentation and research will be completely free of charge. The same goes for developers who is interested in building applications and tools for RenderMan. This is not a stripped down version of RenderMan either, this is the full version of the software without watermarks, any sort of functionality limitations or time restrictions. Professional users still need to pay though – $495.

The latest build comes with enhancements across the board and “establishes an entirely new modular rendering architecture called RIS that provides highly optimized methods for simulating the transport of light through multiple state of the art algorithms,” according to Pixar.

Important Notes

RenderMan is advanced technology for shading, lighting, and rendering. RenderMan is not an animation or modeling package.

RenderMan can be plugged into one of the following tools, Maya, Houdini, Katana, or Cinema4D. If you use one of those packages you can try RenderMan. You can also use RenderMan if you have your own custom tool(s) for generating renderable 3D assets (RIB) for purposes such as scientific visualization.

RenderMan by itself does not have a user interface or GUI.

Free Non-Commercial RenderMan is scheduled for release in August 2014.

Click Register to be added in the waiting list.

Updated: Heres a little something for you who wish to learn to use RenderMan, Mark Flanagan is kindly enough to teach you how via his YouTube video tutorials.

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Adobe Flash Player 11 Unresponsive Fix


Flash player crashing, unresponsive, busy or stopped issue have been a real pain for FireFox user since Flash player version 11. Now it’s version 13+ and the problem still exists.

People have tried everything from reinstalling, downgrading, enable or disable functions, etc and none of them seems to work. From all the answers posted on online support forums, the only fix that actually work is by editing the Flash player .cfg file.

You can watch the YouTube video tutorial or you prefer reading the tutorial in written format.

The Fix

More detailed steps if you run into permission issues editing the mms.cfg file:

1) In a My Computer or Windows Explorer window, open these folders:

For 64bit Windows:
Go to main C: drive → Windows → SysWOW64 → Macromed → Flash

If that folder does not exist, then you are using 32-bit Windows, and you can open the following folder instead:

For 32bit Windows:
Go to main C: drive → Windows → System32 → Macromed → Flash

(Note: This folder exists on both 32bit and 64bit Windows, but on 64-bit Windows Firefox uses the Flash player in the SysWOW64 folder instead)

2) Check for a file named mms.cfg:

a. If  exists: drag it to your Documents folder where you can edit it without being bothered about administrator privileges.

b. If  does not exist: open your Documents folder, right-click → New â†’ Text File and name the new file “mms.cfg” (putting quotation marks around the file name help prevent Windows from tacking .txt onto the end).

3) Open mms.cfg from Documents into a text editor such as Notepad. Add ProtectedMode=0 anywhere in the line. I put it in the last line:


4) Save the file and close Notepad or text-editor.

5) Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mms.cfg file back to the Flash folder to make a copy there, keeping the original file inside Documents folder.

This change should take effect the next time you exit and restart Firefox. Test it by watching YouTube or online streaming movie. Wait and see if the flash video player freezes or crashing FireFox.

Revert Shockwave Flash

6) Download flash “uninstaller” and uninstall currently installed flash player: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html

7) Download and install “Flash Player 11.7.700.242 (140.32 MB) (Released 9/10/2013)” from: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html

Hopefully this should work for you.

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