Found a site called “freshdevices“ offering free utilities for your computer plus a personal license. I just love 100% freebies and you might wanna know about this. Register your name and email address and that is all to it. Received 1st email to confirm your registration and 2nd email you […]


My blog down for one whole day because I need to move it to Apache server and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Now I can use pretty permalink and it take quite sometimes to get use to learn how to change it. No more of that ugly and […]


Neo-classical metal is a subgenre of the heavy metal music heavily influenced by classical music in its style of playing and composing. It implies a very technical performance and the use of elements borrowed from classical music and/or by famous classical music composers. JerryC started the “Canon Rock” phenomenon. “Canon […]

Today my computer got infected by “Smitfraud” spyware. The type of computer pest that can really annoys and irritates any PC users by showing fake security alerts: your computer have been infected by viruses, PC users using cheap and uncool anti-virus softwares, buy our software only, your computer is so […]


[old post] If developing software for mobile application is a cup of tea for you and just loved the challenge. You might want to check this out. Google announced that it has developed a new mobile OS called “Android”. The details are bit fuzzy at the moment regarding this cell […]


Lamborghini new 2008 model, the Reventon Just by looking at the picture enough to make me speechless and the only words that come across my mind are……super hot, outrageously bad-ass, magnificent, truly awesome, totally wicked…and…and I can’t come up with anymore words that can best describe this ‘out of this […]