PCGZine Issue 10

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PCGZine 10

First review of Quake Wars, Warhammer Online interview

Issue 10 of PCGZine: A complete review of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is now available in issue 10 of PCGZine. The magazine is available for free download and includes all the latest PC games, including Blacksite, Warhammer Online, Football Manager 2008 and many more. The issue also includes the first set of enhancements to the magazines controls and features, with improved sharing options, subscription options and better annotations.

This month, we’ve been talking exclusively to Paul Barnett, creative director behind Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning about the tabletop fantasy classic’s transformation into a huge MMORPG. Paul tells us all about the process of turning a game so beloved in its original format into a successful MMO, explains why elves are posher than dwarfs and ponders on being an Englishman in LA. Discover all this and more fascinating Warhammer facts when you read our interview with Paul Barnett in this issue of PCGZine.