PIQO – The Smartest Portable Projector Ever

240-inch HD projection from a 2-inch cube. Stream content from all your devices, anywhere, anytime.

Piqo projects a clear and crisp HD image at up to 240 inches. This is over twice the size of even the biggest commercially-available TVs and 10x the size of HD monitors that cost thousands.

You’ve never seen sports, superhero action, and animated antics if you haven’t seen them in their 240-inch HD glory.

Windows, Android, iOS—whatever your device, PIQO can connect to it seamlessly and instantly.

  • Connect to your phone or computer for work, video chatting, or creative projects.
  • Connect to your favorite gaming console for an insane 240-inch multiplayer action.
  • Connect to your tablet and cast YouTube on your bedroom wall before going to sleep.

Piqo can connect wherever you are.

Source: PICO

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