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I’ve been wondering if there is another software that bears the similarity to Windows Live Writer. After searching the net and I found this really nice alternative to Windows Live Writer. It has a lot of nice features and it also got what Windows Live Writer have.

With very clean Windows explorer like user interface and doesn’t intimidate user with so many options and complicated settings. Raven works much the same way as any word processor or an email client. Tools like add links, tags, photos, music and video files and anything else are something blogger would typically find in any blogging client.

Raven User Interface

It’s really a great idea to include XHTML source editing inside the WYSIWYG editor. I don’t need to worry about invalid XHTML and I can always use Tidy to clean up and validate the markup for me. After publishing my post, it will be clean and error free.


Supported Blog Platforms
Supported blogging clients

Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, Xoops, Drupal, Nucleus CMS, LifeType, Textpattern, LivingDot, Live Journal and more.

Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing

Zoundry Raven Tabbed Blog Editor True WYSIWYG writing and XHTML source editing. Drag and drop images, video, and text from the Web. Unicode (UTF-8) support. Preview posts in your blog’s template.

Improved Content Management

Zoundry Raven Blog Editor Built-in indexer allows you to see posts by blogs, links, tags, and images. View tag cloud and browse to posts containing specific tags. View posts independently of where they were published.

Manage Multiple Media Storage Services

Zoundry Raven Blog Editor Set up different media services (Picasa, Image Shack, Ripway, custom FTP) for different blogs. Share single media service with multiple blogs.

Manage Multiple Blogs Offline

Zoundry Raven Blog Editor Publish and update the same post to multiple blogs. Manage multiple blogs within multiple accounts. Now supports extended entries.

Raven2Go: Portable Application support Raven2Go Install Raven as a Portable Application on your flash/thumb drive. We’ll stay out of your Windows registry and let you take your Blogging on the road.

WordPress 2.2+ Page and Tag Support

WordPress Pages & Tags Use Raven to create and modify your WordPress Pages just like any other blog post. Set WordPress tags as well as import tags from all of your posts.

That’s only a little preview from me and no need for me to do an in-depth review. Since the software is still in Beta version, it’s all up to the user to decide if Raven is the right tool for them. If you want an easy and simple blog editor, I highly recommended Raven. It’s free for every Blogger to try. Zoundry also provide support via support forum at their site. Pay a visit to post any questions, problem & issues, bugs report, FAQs, documentations, Help files and sharing experience with other users.

And there is one thing I wish to highlight when using a blog editor with importing blog client theme template capabilities, that you will encountered rather strange issue when posts are published online. Not just me but most of the Blogger went through the same scenario when using blog editor software; take Windows Live Writer for an instance. When blogger write a blog or save a draft, it will publish a new post on your blog client without any notification. Blogger can go to the blog client control panel and just delete that temporary post but Blogger unable to locate it in “List of posts“. It’s hiding somewhere inside.

The post looks a like a junk post, will start to show up in Google search results and picked up by sites that using service updates tools each time my blog client ping to notifies them for post updates. My suggestion is every time Blogger wish to preview their post in real time exactly the way it suppose to look like on their theme, it’s better to preview it in an open internet browser rather importing the theme itself.

Here’s an example of post published with some blog editor:Temporary Post Used For Style Detection. This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Please delete this manually“. Blogger don’t want that kind of post showing on the World Wide Web looking like that. Visitors always look for an interesting and catchy titles first then they choose to click that link or not.

Just to let you know I’m posting this article using Raven. What a better way to experiment with Raven and to prove my point by upload my post with it. And it worked. See “Powered By Zoundry” at post footer.

Want to try the software, click Here to download.

Powered by Zoundry Raven

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