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My blog is now running on WordPress 2.5. I did run into some difficulties with it at first, since I don’t even bother to fully explore and learn about it. Luckily, the first install doesn’t cause any serious problem. But I do have slight compatibility issue with some of the plugins, the theme I’m currently using and widget. But it was a great experience and learning from my mistakes. So I’m sharing it with all WordPress users especially the novice users.

I’ll give a few tips on how to properly upgrade your previous version of WordPress to version 2.5. So, if you really sure and have made your final decision to do an upgrade. ( it is better to do a New & Fresh install ) Follow these easy instructions:

1. Do full backup of your WordPress stuff. Not to forget the .htaccess file. Use your FTP software to transfer all your files to your local hard drives. Use Filezilla program, ( Get it here1, here2, here3, here4 ) I definitely recommend it. Easy and no fuss usage and it’s free too. Google it and look for version 2.2.29. Beta or newer version is a bit hard to use and take quite sometimes getting use to and not quite stable release.

2. Perform a backup of your database. All of your WordPress data, such as Users, Posts, Pages, Links, and Categories, are stored in yourMySQLdatabase. Please readBacking Up Your Databasefor a detailed explanation of this process.

It is extremely important to back up your database before beginning the upgrade. If, for some reason, you find it necessary to revert back to the ‘old’ version of WordPress, you may have to restore your database from these backups.

3. Delete the WordPress *.php files and WP-ADMIN and WP-INCLUDES folders.

4. Go to WordPress Admin -> Plugins and deactivate all the plugins. This is a must do or you will crash your WordPress.

5. Still in WordPress Admin -> Presentation –> Widgets. Move and drag all active widgets into the Available Widgets box. This will disable the widgets that previously used and default widgets will be use instead by the theme. The the reason for this is if an upgrade is done while widgets is active, you might encounter some rather unpleasant and unexpected results. For an instances, once an upgrade is done, the widget somehow not able to be move or inaccessible in the Widgets option menu. In other case, some widgets are enabled by plugins and link to database and may interferes and can alter codes and crashes the upgrade. Be safe than sorry.

6. This step is not quite necessary but if you wish to do it anyway, no harm to do so. Try to get the latest update for your theme(s). Some of the theme creators always keep their theme codes up to date and trouble free whether new version of WordPress is release or just keep their theme are always plugins compatible.

7. You are ready to upgrade your WordPress. Download WordPress 2.5 & unzip all the contents and FTP transfer to your server. Once that is done and launch the setup by typing ‘’. The auto setup will start and your new WordPress install is complete. You can log-in to your new and cool new look WordPress 2.5 blog.

* if you find my upgrade steps rather confusing or you might want me to add something I might have missed out or just to know more about the install or upgrade. You can leave me a comment or contact me directly via contact page. I’ll try to answer or help you out all I can.

Plugins that I used and compatible with WordPress 2.5

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