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If you can’t beat Google, do what they do. Pay users to use your applications. That will get their attention. Microsoft just launched a reward program called SEARCHPERKS.

The goal here to encourage IE users to do more searching via Live Search by paying them. Not actually pay them in cash, rather rewarding them with great gifts and prizes but still close enough. If Google can pay users to use more Google search and that’s exactly what Microsoft trying to do again after Cashback program didn’t return much of positive results, and this time with slightly different approach.

Users simply do normal searching and gathers points in a form of tickets. For sign up bonus, users will be  awarded 500 tickets. And with this tickets, users can exchange it to any gifts that they are dying to have. Yada, yada, you know the rest how’s prize exchange programs works.

So, want to try it?. You know you want that XBOX360 controller badly. 😀

To be eligible to participate in this reward program, users must… (oh, yeah. It comes with Microsoft rules)

1. Must be a US citizens only. Open to first million people before the end of the year 2008.

2. All searching activity must be done only on,, Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Messenger service.

3. Users must use Internet Explorer because there is going to be a Tracking application (Perks Counter) needed to be installed along with the browser.

4. The program is set to end April 15, 2009, after which time prizes will be awarded.

That’s sucks ain’t it. International users wanted a piece of the action too. Not to worry, Microsoft says if everything goes according to plans, they will scale up the program to include more people in more countries.

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‘Tickets = Prizes’ value rundown: (Prizes will differ)

  • 100 Frequent Flyer Miles = 250 tickets
  • 500 Frequent Flyer Miles = 1000 tickets
  • 1000 Frequent Flyer Miles = 1800 tickets
  • 2500 Frequent Flyer Miles = 4300 tickets
Home and Office
  • Journal & Pen = 895 tickets
  • 30=Minute Meals = 1700 tickets
  • Basic First Aid Kit = 2200 tickets
  • Digital Timer = 3000 tickets
  • Everyday Italian Book = 3200 tickets
  • Everyday Pasta Recipes = 3200 tickets
  • Barefoot Contessa at Home Book = 3400 tickets
  • Cook with Jamie Book = 3700 tickets
  • IntelliMouse Explorer = 4000 tickets
Music and More
  • 1 Ringtone = 105 tickets
  • Emoticons = 105 to 325 tickets
  • 1Music Download = 105 tickets
  • 5 Music Downloads = 525 tickets
  • 10 Music Downloads = 950 tickets
  • 20 Music Downloads = 1850 tickets
  • Rhythm Soundbag = 2150 tickets
Toys and Games
  • Game Cards = 350 tickets
  • Net Ball Game = 750 tickets
  • Hidden Expedition: Everest = 800 tickets
  • Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst = 800 tickets
  • Zoo Tycoon2 Zookeeper Collection for Windows = 1800 tickets
  • Kameo Elements of Power for Xbox 360 DVD = 2500 tickets
  • Project Gotham Racing 4 for Xbox 360 = 4950 tickets
  • Forza 2 for Xbox 360 = 4950 tickets
  • Gears of War for Xbox 360 = 4950 tickets
  • Blue Dragon for Xbox 360 = 4950 tickets
  • SceneIt? for Xbox 360 = 5100 Tickets
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows = 5500
Tickets Sports and Apparel
  • T-Shirts = 1100 tickets
  • Twill Hats = 1100 tickets
  • Twill Visors = 1100 tickets
  • Titleist DTROLL (3 pack) = 3000 tickets
Give to Charity
  • Give Tickets to Charity = 1 to 5500 tickets

To find out more or get started just click the banner bellow.

Live SearchPerks

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