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UltraKawaiiDo you have cute pet or pets that you want the world to know about?. Do you think your cute pet can do amazing things, do funny stuff or telling jokes…Ok?, I’m a bit way off on that “telling jokes” part. Pets don’t tell jokes, speak or sing, maybe a talking parrot can do that.

But anyways, just plain “tell-a-tale” to people about your pet being the cutest creature on the planet, Duh?!, nobody gonna believe you. Show em the pictures and videos you have, that’s proof enough for them.

Now you need a MySpace or Friendster or YouTube website to showcase your cute and adorable pet pictures and videos online. Ultra Kawaii blog can do just that for you. Submit your creative images and videos to them. Let UltraKawaii do the rest and that is all to it, your pet becomes the center of attraction.

It can be a kitten, puppy, cow, bear, iguana, snake, crocodile, piglet, monkey, bird or whatever, as long they are your pet and you think it’s so damn cute. Send it to UltraKawaii and make your pet a part of the shows. Just don’t send rated 18+ images or videos of your pet doing it’s thing during mating season or doing violent thing like gobbling up another animal. 😀

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Ultra Kawaii blog is a part and property of media company called nextnewnetwork. Nextnewnetwork creating micro-television networks over the internet for targeted communities, bringing together elements of TV programming and internet philosophy to allow viewers to contribute, share and distribute content.

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