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2008-06-28 /í‚ 00:35:14 – Old post contents, archived for references or guides extended the deadline for their Snap Badge-O-Rama contest until 11 January 2008. After people hearing the news about the extended deadline, the entries kept pouring in non-stop for days. It must be the free t-shirt and I hate to say, its one cool looking free t-shirt or maybe it was the 500 buck prize thing.

The best news is that design ideas came from 2 countries that unheard of by, …drum rolls please… it’s MALAYSIA and BRUNEI!!!. The coolest part is MALAYSIA, oh.. that is soooo cool. I guess my design did get through. For badge designers from MALAYSIA, way to go guys.

So, can I have my free t-shirt now?.

Here’s a sample e-mail sent me.

Dear Website Owner,

Last week, we extended the deadline for our Snap Badge-O-Rama contest. Within minutes of sending the email, the entries started pouring in. And they didn’t quit, for days.

So, you have until tomorrow (January 11, 2008) and then would you please just stop it?

Quite honestly, we’re having trouble keeping up with all the amazingly good entries we’ve gotten so far. (If you’ve submitted and it’s not up, don’t worry, we’re working on it.) We’ve done different contests in the past and this has more people responding than anything we’ve done. We’re going to have to order more shirts because we don’t have enough on hand!

And these great ideas are flowing in from all over the globe, including many nations that we hadn’t heard from in the past like Malaysia and Brunei. We can’t wait to send you shirts so that you can send us pictures of yourselves in the shirts.

If you still wish to enter, here are the rules: The badges do not have to be in English, can be 120×30, 160×40, or 80×15, and must be gifs. To submit your badge, please click here and attach it to the email. Be sure to include your mailing address! And be sure to include a badge–sorry, but just sending us an email doesn’t get you a free t-shirt.

Be sure to submit it before December 31, 2007 January 11, 2008, and you could win $500 cash!

Please help us with the judging.

We’re going to count the number of comments each badge gets and score them +1 for positive comments and -1 for negative comments. Whoever has the highest score as of January 31, 2008, wins the money and everyone whose badge is posted receives a t-shirt. BTW, only 1 comment per commenter per badge, please! We know who’s naughty and who’s nice and won’t hesitate to award lumps of coal.

The current contest entries can be found at A lot of hard work is going into these badges, so please leave your (polite) comments.

For more examples of Snap Shots badges, please visit your account page and click the button marked “Add a Snap Shots Badge”.

Best regards,

Team Snap

The closing date is today, you people can stop now and start voting.