Spam emails that hide itself

Did you noticed in your email client inbox if you’re using Outlook Express or Thunderbird, you received spam email but it’s it’s nowhere to be seen. Trust me, it’s in there somewhere hiding.

If you’re like me I get a lot of email from friends, newsletter, family, etc. All of them are good emails and I always keep them in my inbox.

When you have an email account or more, you can’t get away from spammers. I don’t know how they managed to find my email account and they always do. No one can run away from these guys. They will keep on haunting email users with business offer, money making opportunity, sexual enhancement drugs, free money, enlarge this and that. Aaarrgh!!!. The torment and the never ending torture. 😡

What to do?. Just like everyone else around the world. We delete them. Simple as that.

Everyday we open our email client and we check our email. To keep us up to date with latest news, good or bad news from our friends, co-worker, business partners, bosses, wife or wives, girlfriend or more girlfriends, etc. . Among this good emails, there are spam emails too. We see them, we quickly delete them, drag it to trash or junk folders or destroy it any means necessary.

Spammers don’t want people to delete their precious spams. They want people to waste their time to read them or just flooded your inbox. I don’t want to read it. Do you?.

I noticed one thing when spams gets in my inbox, first I see them and then it’s gone. I haven’t done a single thing and they suddenly become so user friendly and doing the honor of removing itself.

In every email client program, when there is new email message arrive to the inbox folders. The program will notify users by highlighting the inbox folders by using bold numbers to represent how many emails that arrive. So I look for and read good emails first and then delete the junk and spam emails. Previously opened mail should change the bold numbers and remove subject highlight. Here’s the annoying part, when I wanted the to go the highlighted email messages with bogus message subject which is spam and try to delete it. Guess what, it’s not there. New messages should be tag with highlighted word and arrange by latest date and time. The newest ones are always at the top.

How do they do it?.

When I view and read new mails, the message counts will automatically reduced or set to 0 emails and remove bold highlight from message subject. Spammers trick the email client to mark new spams messages as “READ” even I don’t open it. I don’t know how but if I move the iframe slider up and down or using keyboard arrow keys, it will trigger that action.

I have to do a complete search and go through each and every mail trying to look for spams. It can take all day to do this considering I have hundreds of email in my inbox. ( Yes, I love my emails 😉 )

One thing I discovered when I deleted those spams, I see the date and time are different. Most of the spams I deleted using the same method of time stamping. Some are stamped with much later year date like 1900 and even some spam already in the future like 2030. Stupid time stamp but it definitely does the trick. Maybe with that kind of time stamping somehow fool the email client program and become a bug. It bugged the email client program to mark the messages as “READ” and mess up the message lists.

If this happens to you too, this how I do it to quickly find the spam mails.

In your inbox, click the DATE column repeatedly to sort the date. All new with current date ( even it is stamped with year 3000 ) and mails with highlighted message subject will be on top. Simple thing to do.

Don’t want to do that manually and too much work for you, try this nifty free spam filter – Cactus Spam Filter by CodeOde. All you have to do is train the spam filters to automatically move the spams to your Junk or Thrash and even deleted it before it arrive to your inbox. Try it and you might find it useful. Saving you all the trouble and wasting time searching and deleting spams.

Download Cactus Spam Filter

This software is free from adware and spyware! For POP email clients only.


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