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My name is Isidro aka ST.o.CH. (Amadora, Portugal).

After having work on this project for around seven months, is time to make it better.

Made for last year Cooler Master Mod Competition, since did not make it in time I´ll remake it for this year.

This is the beginning of  the Reloaded.

“Made from scratch and built mostly in aluminium sheet.  For the motherboard Asus FX 990 R2.0 I painted in black/gold, and the southbridge, gold for vrm heatsink. The PSU is an Antec HPC 850 and I changed the fan to a Cooler Master BC 140mm with green LEDS, Modified the fan, paint in matte-black the propellers, sanded a ring and left the hologram, also took off the green LEDS  and put near the rotor three white LEDS, all for the appearance of an eye. The only thing I didn’t make was the glass which were made in a local store.”

+ Work log: