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UBuntu For PhoneStable version of Ubuntu 13.10 for phones, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus supported is available now. For mobile techies out there, this is your chance to try it out and do some experimenting. You can try the OS on any other smartphone provided you know what you’re doing (really good at it) and also willing to take that risks. Who knows you can be contributing for further development of this OS.

Remember, this was meant for developers, evaluation purposes and industry partners only.

The table below lists the supported devices and their corresponding factory images, should you want to switch back to Android. The images can be found on the Google developer website.

DeviceCodenameFactory firmware from Google
Galaxy Nexusmagurotakju or yakju
Nexus 4makooccam

That’s the end of the rather short compatibility list. Next, for hardware requirements see the table below.

System requirements for smartphonesEntry level Ubuntu smartphone“Superphone” that can be a PC
Processor architecture
Dual-core Cortex A9 or similar
Quad-core A9 or Intel Atom
512MB – 1GB
Min 1GB
Flash storage
4-8GB eMMC + SD
Min 32GB eMMC + SD
Desktop convergence

Head over to the source link to download Ubuntu for phones right away. Please read the instructions carefully that can be found on the Canonical Ubuntu site.

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