It was revealed that Lenovo PCs shipped between September and December were pre-installed with adware known as Superfish. Superfish uses a man-in-the-middle certificate to insert ads into Web browsers. But it also opens the door to third-party access of a user’s browser data, according to security researchers. Lenovo is no […]

“Crapware is also called bloatware or shovelware because computer makers seem to shovel bloated nonsense by the barrelful onto new PCs. There’s a reason for that—crapware offsets the price of super-cheap PC on retail shelves. Even if it’s only by pennies.” – PCMag If you’ve ever gotten a new PC and […]

Minimal, flat UI for Photoshop for designing a chat app. It has been designed with messaging and chat applications in mind and features a conversation window with contacts list and file transfer interface elements. All of the elements are vector and can easily be scaled. Designed by Tony Thomas | […]