Caffeine works as a stimulant as well as a vasodilator; it stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and also widens the blood vessels in the area. As such Caffeine stimulates the circulation and blood flow, which helps remove toxins, fat and excess fluids. When blood is allowed to move into […]

A lot of people thinks doing exercise just to lose weight or lowering your blood sugar or keeping cholesterol in check. Here’s an interesting fact about exercise; regular workout can help people with the condition called ” Reduced Memory Capacity “ or in other words as we know it as […]

You won’t find any magical potion or elixir for immortality here. 🙄 Here’s a couple good health tips for men and foods ( which most of us ignored ) that can make you live longer, younger and healthier. For Men 1. Grill a steak You may think it’s bad for […]