Sadly, we’re retiring Screenr on November 11, 2015. As you might already know, Screenr’s recording capability is based on Java RE (Runtime Environment), which is rapidly becoming antiquated. For example, Google Chrome doesn’t support Java RE anymore. So Screenr can’t run there. And on other browsers, Java support is also […]

Tutorial on how to style your post “Previous/Next” navigation links that can be found in “single.php” file. The navigation links includes featured post thumbnail along side it. The style is inspired by Asteria-Lite WordPress theme by Towfiqi. I’ve made some adjustment to it just to show how to use the […]

#Google launched “Web Designer” Beta (in September), a free tool for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes it easy for anybody to build interactive HTML5 websites, web contents and ads. Since then Google has updated the Web Designer with an Animation Tools, deeper AdWords and DoubleClick integrations. Google AdWords service for […]