This video introduces users to the Image Galleries feature provided in WordPress. It covers everything from creating an image gallery, adding new images to re-arranging photos to navigating through images in your WordPress image galleries. How to use the Image Galleries in WordPress How to create an Image Gallery in […]

One way to protect your wealth during this recession is to buy Gold. As more investors today switching to buying gold instead as a hedge against inflation and recession. “The price of gold has increased substantially over the past 7 years, but today might be one of the better times to […]

There’s nothing worse then having to sit and wait while the images are loading on your web pages. We’ve become a society of convenience with microwaves, instant soup and lightening fast servers. We want things in the blink of an eye. Your visitors expect nothing less when they land on […]

Please neglect any Freebies4Webmasters registration links if you wish to register for a publisher account as they will not accept any new applicants anymore. You can read the announcement here explaining their reasons that lead to the decisions for denying any new registrations and closing some existing user accounts. Dear […]