No software hacks or tweaks here, just something user needs to do before opening Firefox or other Mozilla based browsers with multiple tabs. Everytime users launch Firefox with multiple tabs, the browsers took quite sometime to load until all the tabs have fully reloaded and can be a strain to […]

Not everyone wants to spend the time and effort to learn the complexity of HTML. Open source software developers have built an increasingly easy-to-use and constantly expanding library of softwares to handle most of the web design tasks for you. Numbers of eminently capable web design tools are available to […]

Connecting the Web with language…that’s what the Mozilla people called it’s latest unique prototype extension for the Firefox – “UBIQUITY“. A very ‘nifty’ and ‘handy-dandy’ little utility for Firefox users indeed. By using user created commands, users can do nearly anything that make common Web tasks faster and easier. Users […]

My Firefox been lagging heavily and freezes for weeks now. After Google-ed with the right keyword and finally I found this. I post it here in case some of you can’t find it. Thanks to the expert who come up with this useful tip. Easy to do. Just follow this […]