Some users may have an issue with their WordPress where they can’t upload any images and the images in the media library were broken. This is an error that can come from a users with file permissions. In this video, we will show you how to fix the image upload […]

Tutorial on how to style your post “Previous/Next” navigation links that can be found in “single.php” file. The navigation links includes featured post thumbnail along side it. The style is inspired by Asteria-Lite WordPress theme by Towfiqi. I’ve made some adjustment to it just to show how to use the […] The great thing about WordPress is how you can extend it a hundred million ways to meet your needs. If you know your way around PHP, it’s not hard to tweak your site. Here are 14 handy hacks for WordPress…

WordPress has a built-in function to display relative time in a human-readable format just like Facebook. For example, instead of your posts displaying, “Posted on January 01 at 00.00am,” you could display, “Posted 3 hours ago.” I’ll show you how to update your theme to take advantage of the human […]

Just to let you know, during the past 48 hours readers having problem accessing this blog. I have decided to upgrade my PHP to the latest version. Some of the plugins I used requires newer PHP to be installed in order for them to work properly.

If you’re using Google AdSense, you will probably know about Google custom search API. If you don’t like the WordPress built-in search feature and you would like to implement Google custom search to your WordPress theme and you don’t know how. Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you to do […]