Finally, its finished. My own WordPress theme custom skin based on “i3Theme Center Edition 1.5” by MangoOrange. Released for general public use. Just having fun creating skin in my spare time and more skin design to come. I hope. 😎 Enlarge screenshot for better view. Comments and suggestions are welcome […]

Last night I was thinking, I like creating skin for the i-Theme and stuff. Maybe I can create custom skin for other WordPress users who are using the same theme. How’s that sound?. I can share and publish my work. And, it’s a big YES, its FREE but a little […]


I heard about Web 2.0 but Desktop 2.0?. As I know Web 2.0 is about new web technology. Same idea but its on a computer desktop. A kind of software that lets us see a our Windows Desktop in whole new way by scrolling it in a circular motion. 360 […]

ComicPress WordPress theme You are a comic artists or comic writers and you’re using WordPress platform to publish all your wonderful talents and artworks. Maybe you want to use find the right WordPress theme design that would work with WordPress to publish your daily comics. May I suggest using ComicPress […]

“WordPress Plugins allow you to extend the features of a standard WordPress installation” Maybe you always wanted a feature that hasn’t been available in the latest release of WordPress. What you can do is either install a 3rd party plugin or write your own custom code to extend the features […]


I really like using Firefox when I surfed the internet. It can save me the trouble of opening so many new windows with the tabbed-browsing features. I can view new page in a new tab, within a single Firefox window. I can open links in new tabs, where they will […]