[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/AMDMalaysia/videos/vb.215916351756968/1090639177618010/” width=”650″ height=”450″ onlyvideo=”1″] LiquidVR’s technology initiative aimed at enabling a fully immersive and comfortable virtual reality experience.By playing the video you will learn about a feature called Affinity multiGPU, a key features of the AMD LiquidVR.

This is the Asus Poseidon GeForce GTX 780. It’s a ROG (Republic of Gamers) version card, a label that’s customarily reserved for Asus’ high-end gear. Those chromed nozzles on the side are for hooking up a liquid cooling system. Out-of-the-box, they’re covered with threaded caps. But you can leave the […]

As the title implies, plenty of you out there are still using a computer with an AGP. Applications, graphics, OS and games nowadays thirsts for more processing power and memory size. You wanted to upgrade the card but your wallet just isn’t up for it. Upgrading to PCIE card means […]