Thermaltake BlueOrb FX cooler with cool features

Aftermarket CPU heatsink always been the favorite among overclockers and DIY builders nowadays which offers better cooling options than Intel stock cooler.

We’ve seen the ones with built-in lighting, heatsink and fan with various colors to match the casing colors. Thermaltake breaking away from the standard and added a creative and rather unique design features to one of  their product called BlueOrb FX.

BlueOrb1 BlueOrb2 BlueOrb3

The cool thing is ThermalTake mounted the LED on the fan blades which display information when the fans is spinning.  “T-Visuals” display the real-time temperature. “FlashCool” shows a rotating ThermalTake logo and the noise level.Now that’s what we called visually stylish, flashy and cool effects.

BlueOrb4 BlueOrb5 BlueOrb6

The ThermalTake Blue Orb FX features a radiant design making good use of air flow by dissipating the heat from the CPU well under the heatsink and also to the surrounding fins. Comes in 3 color flavors of Blue, Black and Gold. The base plate is made out of aluminum or copper (may cost more). The base is not shiny so needed some good old fashion manual polishing and lapping though. This model is compatible with both Intel’s socket LGA775 and AMD’s Socket AM2. With a cheap price tag of MYR 99 (32.77 USD).

Sweet!…and then again, also Sour! 😐 …because there are couple of downside of having this heatsink. If you’re into an aggressive overclocking, the BlueOrb is definitely not for you. The gigantic size (120 mm in width) might interfere with the memory slots. On high-end or enthusiasts motherboard with 4 or more row of slots, you wasted the one closest to the heatsink if you’re planning on filling all the slot with memory sticks. You don’t want to risk breaking the memory sticks, the motherboard and ripping off the CPU metal holder when you trying so hard assembling it. Measure and check for space clearance before actually purchasing it. Also, if you don’t have a PC case with a ”see-thru” side-panel because there is no point having it installed when you can’t see the lightshow unless you’re the kind of person who just like to leave the side-panel exposed.

It wasn’t all that bad, and don’t let the cooler drawbacks bothers you. If it the descriptions doesn’t match you and your hardware then why spoil all the fun, have a go at it. It would be a nice touch to your case-mod and watch extraordinary light effects display when you turn off the light in your bedroom. The massive size will surely impresses the people who looked at it.

Head over to Dark Vision Hardware for more detail reviews, instructions and test benchmark results.

Wanna know the concept behind the LED magic?. Let Sylvia the Tech-Wiz girl explains how things work and also a tutorial how to actually make one in the comfort of your home.

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