Twinkle-twinkle little star…..?!?


My sis mail this to me today ( September 27, 2007 ).

You got to hear this music.

It’s really cracks me up.

Funny and nice too.

Twinkle-twinkle little star (Punjabi remix) from Hindi movie “Laghe Raho Munna Bhai”.

Did some digging on the internet found that a lot of people looking for this clip for their mobile phone ringtones.

Now I know why. 🙂

updated: 03 December 2007

When I checked my site traffic stats, I noticed this particular post gaining more popularity, increased traffic and search hits. Visitors coming from Yahoo and Google just to look for this song. 😀

Ok then, I’ll add the longer version of that song here.

If you want a download link for that songs, just give a comment to this post. I will add them for you.

updated: 31 December 2007

As per requested by readers, here’s the download links. Click links to download.

Download Links:

1. Short Audio

2. Long Audio

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