Unresponsive or Unclickable WordPress plugin settings page

Unresponsive or unclickable plugin settings page occurred when you activate a plugin. You try clicking anywhere (save button, tabs, etc) in that page and nothing happens.

Even if you manage to click ie. ‘save settings’ the page will redirected to an error page such as “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” inside WordPress admin dashboard.

This solution found on WordPress support forum – first thing you need to check is, the existence of an .htaccess file inside your WordPress folders –  /wp-content/

If you found the .htaccess file inside, rename or delete that file. Try to access the plugin settings page again.  If it works then the .htaccess file is corrupt or you might wanna take a look what parameters inside the file that blocking access to the plugin settings page.

If you found no trace of .htaccess file inside the/ wp-content/ folder, it might as well be the plugin you tried to activate earlier is not compatible with the current WordPress version.

This is one step you need to check first before doing everything else.

Hope that helps.