Use HTML text formatting to change "PAGE" title text style

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Please take note this is just a quickie tips on how to change the font styling to the Post or Page title.

This example demonstrates how you can format PAGE title text in WordPress without the use of Cascading Style Sheet. You can format PAGE title on the spot as you create or modify pages.

Page Title

Image above showing how PAGE title would normally look like provided the theme you are currently using has its own style sheet to control the text appearance and style.

I’m going to show you how to use text formatting to change the PAGE title text style. HTML defines a lot of elements for formatting output, like bold or italic text.

You can use HTML text formatting like:

1. Using <i> and <em> tag

<i>text</i> => text


<em>text</em> => text

2. Using <strong> and <b> tag

<strong>This is STRONG text</strong> => This is STRONG text


<b>This is BOLD text</b> => This BOLD text

3. Using <small> tag

<small>This SMALL text<small> => This is SMALL text

4. Using <sub> and <sup> tag

<sup>This is SPERSCRIPT text</sup> => This is Supercript text

<sub>This is SUBSCRIPT text</sub> => This is Subscript text

Below method is not suitable if you wish to add a CSS styling directly to your post or page title area. Since WordPress software undergo constant update by the developers, adding font styling may or may not work anymore. You may have trouble with the page layout breaking up or causing errors to script.

or even change font families, size, color or combining elements altogether :


The <font> tag is deprecated in the latest versions of HTML (HTML 4 and XHTML) and should not be used. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has removed the <font> tag from its recommendations.

<style=”font-family: verdana; font-size: 150%; color: green”>font family, size, color</style>

font family, size, color

[and the lists of HTML text and font element output goes on…]

You can learn more at: W3School

Here’s how:

a. Log in to your WordPress administrator.

b. If you wish to create new page click on WRITE -> PAGES, and if you already have pages created click on MANAGE -> PAGES ->EDIT the current pages.

c. In page title area, add the HTML codes and your PAGE title. We’re going to emphasized or italic the “ABOUT” text.

*refer to Picture 1.


HTML Text Format

d. Finally, save and publish your PAGES. Preview it and you will have something like this.As you can see the “ABOUT” title text changed and it looked different than the other page titles.

*refer to Picture 2.

Picture 2

Edited Page Title

Try it yourself.Have fun.