Videogames magazines for free..totally

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If you love playing videogames and you wanted to keep to up-to-date news on what’s new in the
gaming industries, tips and tricks or latest games release for your favorite videogames platform,
and you can’t afford those weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fees.

No more running to the book stores. All you have to do is get on the internet and visit the
GAMERZINES website and you can download all absolutely free without asking for
so much as an email address and your name to get them. You can even direct download it if you
don’t wish to register, click any e-Magazines and your issue should start downloading

Each of the e-Magazine is written by professional games journalists from the UK. GamerZines is
the brainchild of Cranberry Publishing Ltd and the management team behind it have all worked on
some of the UKíƒï¿½í¯¿½íƒï¿½í‚¢íƒï¿½í‚¢?íƒï¿½í‚¬íƒï¿½í‚¢?íƒï¿½í‚¢s biggest games and technology magazines.

You’ll be impressed with the writing quality, interactive content and colorful layout of this
publication. Just like the pages inside a pop-up story books, only difference is the pages inside
this e-Magazine are enhanced with audio/video and interactive media, you can watch the pages come
to life.

Subscribe to GamerZines newsletter and choose gaming platforms you’re interested in. They will
email you when new issue is publish. To ensure you never miss an issue of your favorite free
magazine. Don’t worry back issues are also available from the the website.

You can also get the latest issue of any of their magazines from this page. Just click on the
magazine that interests you to get it instantly.

MMOZine, the free MMORPG

This is a completely free magazine for MMO gamers – download the latest issue now!
P3Zine, the free
PlayStation 3 magazine

This is a completely free magazine for PlayStation 3 gamers – download the latest issue
360Zine, the free Xbox 360

This is a completely free magazine for Xbox 360 gamers – download the latest issue
PCGZine, the free PC Games

This is a completely free magazine for PC gamers – download the latest issue now!
HGZine, the free PSP and DS
games magazine

This is a completely free magazine for HandHeld Gamers gamers – download the latest issue

What will you find in a GamerZine?

  • The same quality of editorial that you would find in a magazine you buy off the shelves – we
    have over 15 years experience in creating magazines
  • Design that matches the highest standards in a printed magazine – our emagazines look great,
    which makes reading them a lot more enjoyable
  • Ease of use – navigating your way around the magazine and using its advanced features is
    incredibly simple. We have been on perfecting this format for two years.
  • Immersive multimedia – games are an immersive medium, which is why, alongside static
    screenshots, you’ll find animation, interactivity and video throughout our emagazines.

    What do you need?

  • Adobe Reader version 6 or above (free). If you have installed Internet Explorer 7 (whether
    you use it or not), we recommend you upgrade to version 8, from this link. It ensures all
    features work correctly. Because Adobe Reader is a plugin for Internet Explorer, you need to
    upgrade to the latest version that has been written to work with Internet Explorer 7, or the
    multimedia elements may not work correctly.

    • Adobe Flash (should be pre-installed on Windows)
    • Windows
      Media Player
      version 10 or above (version 9 should be pre-installed on Windows and should
      work, but we recommend version 10. Try installing the latest version if you experience video
      playback difficulties.)