Zorin OS: Linux Distribution Designed for Beginners

The popular Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed especially for newcomers to Linux and also for Windows CP and 7 users. Still the best one for absolute beginners to Linux.

The only one of it’s kind, the more ‘User-Friendly’ Linux-based operating system most people who are new to Linux will find it easy to use. People can get comfortable with it quickly. 

It has a Windows-like graphical user interface and many programs similar to those found in Windows. Zorin OS also comes with an application that lets users run many Windows programs.

The distribution’s ultimate goal is to provide a Linux alternative to Windows and let Windows users enjoy all the features of Linux without complications.

The Zorin OS operating system gives you the ultimate desktop experience. Some of the advantages of Zorin OS:

  • No risk of getting viruses
  • It’s super-fast and light on resources
  • An easy to use and familiar desktop
  • Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer
  • Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system
  • All the software you’ll ever need out of the box
  • Extremely versatile and customizable Open Source software
  • Open Source software licensed by GNU GPL

Zorin OS Desktop Screenshots

Zorin OS Themes 

The future of Linux belongs to operating systems like this terrific distribution. Another fine OS from Planet Zorin.

Try it, it’s free. Don’t worry if you can’t run Windows stuff, just run all your Windows files or games with ‘PlayWithLinux’ apps and you’re good to go.

+ Download HERE

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