With a chemical treatment, you can completely waterproof a Raspberry Pi and use it submerged. How to Waterproof Your Raspberry Pi Place the Raspberry Pi into your small tub. … Pour Corrosion X over the board until it’s submerged. … Swirl Corrosion X around in the container for 2-5 mins to make sure the metal […]

I found this css trick when previewing the default WordPress theme namely ‘Twenty-Thirteen’. The sliding effects can be applied on any web base form. I only tested it with <input> tag but I don’t know if also going to work with <textarea> tag. You can add it to your search […]

Loading animation by using CSS only. No gif images required. You can customized it by changing background colors, resize, adding box shadows, adjusting animation speed, etc. 8 Spin-Kit examples by Tobias Ahlin | GitHub | @tobiasahlin 1. Rotating Plane CSS: .spinner { width: 30px; height: 30px; background-color: #333; margin: 100px […]