Vroid Studio – A Free 3D Character Design Software For Illustrators

VRoid Studio は、人型アバター(キャラクター)の3Dモデルを作成できるWindows・Mac 用アプリケーションで、どなたでも無償で利用可能になります。

Vroid Studio is a Windows or Mac application that allows you to create 3D models of humanoid avatars (characters) and will be available to everyone free of charge.

Vroid Studio is a character maker that can solve these problems and model the ideal character with simple operations. In order to realize a world where everyone has their own unique character, and that character can be used for communication with other people and creative activities, “Intuitively operate the drawing techniques that the creator already has”.

The created 3D models can be exported to a file that can be used in 3D applications. In addition to supporting export in VRM format at the time of release, export in other file formats will be supported in the future.

If you create a character in Vroid Studio, you can use that character as an avatar on various VR or AR platforms that support VRM.

Visit their site to download the free Beta version of this app.

Source: Vroid Project

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